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Automatic logistics system

With the increasing of labor costs, the shortage of land resources and the high requirement of enterprise information management, enterprises increasingly need more fast, precise and efficient logistics system, and high efficiency. Fast logistics system has become one of the core competitiveness. Automatic logistics system can save the warehouse area, reduce the labor cost and intensity, and the damages in the process of logistics distribution.

Automated logistics systems are usually made up of automated warehouse systems, automated handling & conveying systems, automated sorting & order-picking systems and electrical control & information management systems. The automated warehouse system mainly includes automated storage devices such as high rack storage, stacker crane and automated density Storage. The automated handling & conveying systems mainly includes all types of conveyors, AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), RGV (Rail Guide Vehicle, robots and other automatic handling equipment. The automated sorting & order-picking systems mainly includes various types of automated sorting equipment, hand-held terminal picking and electronic tag picking etc. Information management system mainly includes logistics management software, warehouse management software, warehouse control software, intelligent sorting and picking software.

Lonlink Intelligent Four-Way Shuttle

The Lonlink cross shuttle is an automatic handling device that runs in high density storage racking. It moves along the vertical and the horizontal racking rails. The vertical movement can be executed by a single shuttle, with coordination of the lift for layer changing, can greatly improve the automation of the system. It is the latest generation of intelligent handling device.

Automatization Tridimensional Storehouse

The latest developed automatization tridimensional storehouse system and relevant material handling and software solutions help manufacturers to solve the most new challenges of distribution and let them benefit from it.


A conveyor is a handling machine, which transports material on certain lines.


Robots can autonomously operate multi-axial mechanical equipment, to carry out the handling operation and manufacturing tasks.
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